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FIFA 16: What Is The Worst Team Of The Game?


2015/10/22 16:22:28

When you get your hands on FIFA 16, one of the first things you want to do is to experience the best players and teams. Gamers all want to know who the best FIFA 16 players are and what the best FIFA 16 clubs are. Does anyone want to know about the weakest team in FIFA 16?

The Drogheda United FC is the weakest or worst team in FIFA 16. This modest Irish club was founded in 1919 and had a revival in 1962. The club was not managed properly and the current club is the amalgamation of two former clubs Drogheda United and Drogheda FC.

The Drogheda United FC has a rating of just 54 Coins in the FIFA 16, which makes it at the bottom of the list of all the clubs that appear in the game. The most valuable player is English midfielder Keith Treacy, with a rating of 64.

FIFA 16 - What is the worst team of the game.jpg

But not everything is negative for Drogheda United FC. With this designation in FIFA 16, it rose to fame in the world of consoles. It will be interesting to see how you play this Irish team with your FIFA 16 skills. Do you dare to play with them?

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