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Big Reasons to Buy Pokemon Go Account and Rare Pokemon on Pokemongoaccountbuy.com


2016/8/16 15:14:27

pokemon go account rare pokemon

Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm. Players are still increasing dramatically on a daily basis. To play the game to its fullest, players buy Pokemon Go accounts and rare Pokemon on www.pokemongoaccountbuy.com

High Level Pokemon Go Accounts

Players who are looking for high level Pokemon accounts can find what they want on online marketplaces and social sites. There are players who offer to sell their accounts. However, the prices are rather high. Sometimes it may cost more than a hundred to have a level 15 account. The good news is you can buy high level Pokemon Go account on Pokemongoaccountbuy.com at price that will make you happy. For instance, with only $ 26.9, you can have a level 30 account, which is truly amazing. In addition to the high level accounts, you can also find accounts ranging from level 10 to higher levels. You can check out the list on the Pokemon Go account for sale page. 

Rare Pokemon for Sale

Since the release of the game, rare Pokemen have been sought after by players all over the world. It is true that only a few players are lucky enough to experience the excitement of encountering rare Pokemon. Here is the good news. Pokemongoaccountbuy.com provides rare Pokemon for sale. You can visit the rare Pokemon page and input the name of the Pokemon that you are looking for. What's more, the prices are low and the purchase is super easy.

Below are some big reasons why players choose this website. 

Best Service and Low Price

It is a lot of fun to play Pokemon Go. And players all want higher levels and more CP. Although there are websites that sell accounts, the prices are rather high. The good news is that the prices on this website are very low and reasonable, which will definitely make players happy. The service there is top class.

Easy Safe Purchase 

After you choose the desired account or other services, you can put them into your car. After clicking the Check Out button, you will go to the payment page where there are you can see details such as list of items, total price, user information and payment options. Please note that you should go through these details and make sure everything is right before you make payment. There are global online payment options such as PayPal, Skrill, Visa and paysafecard. iDEAL is a payment system based on online banking and is popular in the Netherlands. In addition to iDEAL, there are also other online banking payment options. You can also make payment by using local online credit/debit card.

pokemon go account rare pokemon safe payment methods

Membership Bonus

On Pokemongoaccountbuy.com, attractive discount coupon codes are available from time to time to help you save. What's more, by registering, you become the member of this store and can enjoy the membership benefits! VIP Coins will be generated by your orders, which will help save. 

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