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Elden Ring Initial Item Selection Guide: New Players Must See


2022/4/20 13:13:57

In Elden Ring game, players are free to choose the opening items, the effect of each item is different, many new players do not know what Elden Ring initial items to choose, here are some new players' essential items to everyone.

Elden Ring Initial Item Selection Guide: New Players Must See

What is the Elden Ring item starter must choose? 

1. Crimson Amber Guard: Boosts your character's life. 

2. Junction Lune: Gain a Lune (a soul-crushing item) when used. 

3. Golden Seed: increases the number of times you can use the Dew Drop Chalice.

4. Spiked Imp's Ashes: Summons the spirit of an Imp to help in battle.

5. Cracked Jug: can be used to make flaming jug and thunder jug type throwing props (can be recycled and reused)

6. Stone Sword Key: a fog door to unseal the Stone Imp (A.K.A. Stone of Pharos)

7. Enchanted Twig: currently unknown (Expendable item)

8. Boiled cooked shrimp: reduces physical damage taken for a short period (Expendable item)

Where to buy Elden Ring items safe and fast? 

These eight items are the ones that most players would choose to start Elden ring as a new player. Of course, in Elden ring, there are also a large number of items, weapons and runes that are needed, so if you want to have a better performance in the game, you can get these items more quickly by buying them in the form of Elden ring runes or Elden ring items. Here we would like to recommend again the professional Elden ring items and Elden ring runes online Store - AOEAH.COM, an experienced and trustworthy Elden Ring runes online shop, constant delivery and safe deal! AOEAH. com do have the trade experience in-game items or runes over than 10 years.


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